Advice for Writers

If you’re a writer looking for advice, my biggest recommendation is to join the chronicles forum, which has a strong writing community within it: chronicles forum.

It’s a friendly and moderated community that simply asks all members to be civil to one another, and avoid personal attacks.

Once you have 30 posts you’ll be able to post a piece for feedback in the Critiques section. However, be warned that any sort of criticism, no matter how well-intentioned – or even correct – can sting a bit. I speak from experience. 🙂

Also, do read the helpful posts and discussions in the Writing Resources section – everything I’ve found useful I’ve posted in there.

Ultimately, you need to read a lot – know your genre, but also read outside of it.

And, just as a painter or actor needs to be aware of, and learn the tools that will make them better artists, so should writers learn the existing tools for writing fiction with – everything from POV use, to structure, to emotional development arcs.

There are a lot of books on writing, all of varying quality. However, IMO there are only two you will ever need to read and learn:

1. Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer – simply the most comprehensive, yet concise, book on all aspects of writing, from beginner to advanced

2. Save the Cat by Blake Snyder – a very short but invaluable book on character development.

If you need to ask any further questions, please do so in the chronicles forums.