During the late 1990’s I composed a soundtrack album for Chronicles of Empire – Gathering.

I’m not going to claim it’s any good – I don’t know music theory and I tend to compose by playing with one finger.

However, I always hear music, and this was something that possessed me for some time.

Around the year 2001 I recorded the instrument layers and had them mixed by a cheap local recording studio (paid for by the Job Centre!).

There were originally 14 tracks on the album, but the ones I’ve put online are the only ones I think are still passable. Not sure the streaming quality will do them any favours, though.

However, if there ever proves to be further interest in these, I can always get them re-recorded, mixed, and mastered professionally, and put up additional tracks I’ve also composed for the rest of the series.

Until then, I’ve put them up on Soundcloud as something of a curiosity:

Chronicles of Empire – Gathering (Soundtrack)

(I’ve also put a couple of other things up on my Soundcloud page, too: Brian G Turner)