c.3000 BLC – Period of formation of Haradicoh and beginning of its Archaic Dynasties.

c.2500 BLC – Period known as the First Kingdom of Haradicoh

c.2000 BLC – Migration of peoples into Eptemia from the north and east displaces the natives west, who settle as Thos tribes-people.

c.1800 BLC – Invasion of Haradicoh by the Sidithites from the south. After a century of anarchy the Second Age of Haradicoh begins.

c.1350 BLC – Approximate reign of Garahitopes II over the Haradicans.

c.1100 BLC – Haradican merchants set up trade centres on the Outlying Islands, founding Nazimah, and spreading into Eptemia, where they meet and agree tariffs with one King Athranses of Xios.

950 BLC – Legendary founding of the city of Irrax by Ossien, after he unites the various tribes of Ithraya under his own long standing dynasty lasting for two centuries. By the time the last of his relatives lay dead, the Ithrayans are united as a people.

823-809 BLC Sudden environmental changes cause the political collapse of Haradicoh. Severe prolonged droughts render the Nimidian Plains one great desert, separating the two pivotal cities of Kariandari and Hiramah. Patterns of rainfall remain permanently and adversely affected, preventing re-establishment of the Haradican economy. For two hundred years after there are political surges as the rulers of Kariandari attempt to assert an age-old authority over anarchy, with only brief successes.

800 BLC – With the Haradican superpower effectively destroyed, the Eptemians take advantage of their own ascendancy to fill the power vacuum created. Short excursions into Alithidel serve only to temporarily unite dying Haradican society. The Eptemians then turn their collective attention north and eastwards, expanding on territories already held.

601 BLC – Final collapse of Haradicoh into a number of petty kingdoms crossing Alithidel, after the assassination of Crown Prince Amaphsis III.


780 BLC – The Exclusion War between Xios and Delophis begins, as the two most powerful city-states in Eptemia via for political superiority over the rest of Eptemia. The war lasts for thirty years until the mercenary ships under the control of King Xystis of Xios traps the Delophian navy in the Salanic Bay. The Xionians then soundly defeat the demoralised Delophians and their combined allies at the Battle of Messentia.

701 BLC – The Eptemians create extensive contacts across Ithraya, facilitating the export of Eptemian wares and culture.

680 BLC – Invasion of the Ulabi into Eptemia. Xios is sacked. The Delophians come to the rescue and rout the Ulabi.

650 BLC – The Eptemians resume eastern expansion, and launch a concerted attack against the nearer hill tribes, which are extensively defeated after a five year campaign. This opens up new trade routes and a handful of new and stable colonies are established.

601 BLC – The Eptemian city of Delophis founds a small trading colony named Eiom, at the mouth of the Induin.

510 BLC – The beginning of the Great Eptemian War, fought between the League of Xios and the Delophian States. Fought on and off for thirty years, no significant gains are made and Eptemia becomes exhausted militarily, creating the ripe opportunity for outside invasion.


478 BLC – The Ithrayans lead a series of highly successful campaigns against the Eptemians, conquering those lands and retaining them after succeeding in defeating the combined but factionalised armies of the Eptemians at the Battle of Shemin. Naval superiority is assured at the Battle of Osokos.

468 BLC – Final Ithrayan expansion, conquering Lithire, Gallerea, and the Outlying Islands, including Nazimah, as well as various petty kingdoms to the east of Alithidel. From now on the Ithrayans refer to this as the Ossienic Empire.

210 BLC – Collapse of the Ossienic Empire, which fragments. Ithraya is again a kingdom, and civil autonomy returns to the cities of Eptemia.

126 BLC – Start of the Ambassadors War, started by the mistreatment of Ithrayan diplomats at the court of King Ollehos of Xios.

113 BLC – Formal conclusion of the Ambassadors War with the signing of the Peace of Nicropis.

110 BLC – Beginning of the thirty-year reign of Queen Messilda, who opens up vast gem mines and significantly enriches her dominions. Her name will become synonymous with wealth even into the time of the Corianth Empire.

63 BLC – Murder of the grandson of Queen Messilda by Costimios, who founds his own dynasty.

58 BLC – Start of the so-called Long War between Ithraya and Eptemia. Both armies make little progress, and the war continues with long periods of unofficial peace, despite that no armistice is ever declared. Peace will only eventually be acheived by the later surprise conquest of Ithraya by Sephas.

10 BLC – Crowning of King Minan of Ithraya, grandson of King Costimios.


3 BLC – Sephas Corianthos elected to fight the Ithrayan invasion against Eiom and her colonies. Sephas succeeds, but is then disowned by Eiom’s King Emeris. Sephas marches against the city of Eiom itself, lays siege, and then successfully assaults the city.

2 BLC – Sephis makes the Treaty of the Eptemians with the court of King Arrion at Xios. Eptemians mostly unite to create military pressure on the Ithrayan border, holding raids and sorties, allowing Sephas room to train and then manoeuvre his troops for battle.

1 BLC – Sephas defeats King Minan at Irrax. Sephas then consolidates his conquest over the whole of the Ithrayan dominion.

0 BLC – Sephas introduces a significant reform of the calendar, renames Eiom as Corianth, and has himself crowned Emperor Sephis of the Corianth Empire. He founds the Order of Omicron and decrees it to be an empire-wide faith. At first, the Order is notably tolerant of other belief systems, especially those of the Thos.

1 LC – Sephis expands his rule into Thos tribe lands. At first he is welcomed, if somewhat reservedly.

11 LC – Civil war breaks out among the Thos tribes, Storm Anulf leading the faction opposed to Sephas. Storm Anulf is defeated in battle, and begins guerrilla raids

15 LC – Storm Anulf is assassinated by one of his own officers. Sephas now has control of most Thos tribal lands.

125-128 LC – First Civil War. Succession is disputed as the Orixan dynasty comes to a bloody end, leaving the nobles of Corianth to fight for the position between themselves. After three years, the great-grandson of Thane Orrin takes the throne, ascending with the symbolic name of Emperor Ophis II.

189 LC – The first of a series of plagues spreads across the Corianth Empire, decimating huge swaths of the population until it finally recedes in 213.

230 LC – Second Civil War. After three years of brief but bloody conflict, an army arrives at the city of Corianth and deposes Emperor Arrolin, who is replaced by the new proclaimed Emperor Armon II.

263 LC – Third Civil War. A serious progenitor of the Broken Empire, the assassination of Emperor Eirron sees a fourth Emperor murdered in only the space of ten years. Emperor Adouros I assumes the throne for thirteen months, ruling by force, before being removed by Emperor Errios II. After a brief peace two battles are fought at the gates to the city of Corianth itself, and Errios II is murdered while in hiding. He is replaced by Emperor Adouros II, who finally makes peace between warring factions with political compromises backed with selected tax reliefs that will later have a crippling effect upon the imperial treasury.

336-399 LC – Time of the Broken Empire. Complete breakdown of all Imperial authority and the Order of Omicron with it leads to a period of intermittent conflict that continues on for over sixty years. Emperor Borron II finally becomes universally accepted as Emperor and begins to attempt to address the damage caused to an empire exhausted through warfare.

458 LC – Holy Father Gallinios II introduces the infamous Infallibility clause for the ecclesiastical throne.

522 LC – Emperor Armon III dismisses the Holy Father Ophis XII and places his own son, Wrenis, at the head of the Order of Omicron. Wrenis quickly tires of the bitter factional fighting between colleges and disbands not only the position of Holy Father, but also the College of Cardinals, leaving the Order of Omicron with no real leadership or position of authority. Wrenis is quickly murdered, and in the following year Emperor Armon III is killed in his own throne room by protesters.

541 LC – The beginning of the Chronicles of Empire series, starting with Volume 1; GATHERING.

2997 UC – “Emperor – First Apocalypse”